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Effective and affordable training for organisations who want to increase efficiency and get results.

The world is changing and with it your workforce is changing. The expectations of both your customers and your staff  are increasing.
Put together, this means that your team’s effective use of IT systems and their job skills need to be maximised through high quality, appropriate training.

Increase the effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of your organisation to stand out from the crowd.

IT Application Training

  • Do you find it difficult to get the most out of your application software?
  • Do you spend a huge amount of time getting irritated with software?
  • Does wasting time on IT cost your organisation money?
  • Would you benefit from some IT training and support?
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People Development

  • Do you feel that you’re not fully in control of your working day and would like manage it better?
  • Would you like to be more confident and self assured?
  • Frustrated with trying to manage and motivate your staff?
  • Do you feel stressed and need to find ways of taking back control?
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Business Communication

  • So just how good a communicator are you?
  • Does your body language expose things you rather it didn’t?
  • Can you express the right levels of enthusiasm and passion in your speech?
  • When speaking to a group, are you overcome by nerves and anxiety?
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We’re Base2 Training

Face to face learning is the most effective way to achieve what we do (and what our clients want).
Identify specific challenges you have in your business and train your team to effectively overcome them.

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