Microsoft OneNote – ever thought of using it?

What is it?

Even in this modern, digital age, I still get a lot of paper-based information through the letterbox. To keep from drowning in it, I do like to be organised (to a degree). I have ring-binders with Bank and Credit Card Statements in them. Others containing letters and offers. There is a folder with handwritten notes in it about the “New Garden Shed” project.  Maybe it is an age thing, but I just feel more comfortable doing it that way.

However, I’m a computer person as well.  I’ve been tracking my Bank Statement in an Excel spreadsheet for years (it does do negative numbers!).  Excel is very structured; its rows and columns layout is well suited to storing financial transactions.

The file of information about the shed isn’t structured at all, so finding things is tricky.  I could type it all into a Word document, but the layout would be too formal.

This is where Microsoft OneNote could come in useful.