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Microsoft PowerPoint – Theme Fonts

Where are we up to?

This is the third in a series of blogs on how to impose a corporate look or create a personalised style for your presentations.

In Microsoft PowerPoint – Templates and Themes we saw that a Template is concerned with the Layout of slides; a Theme affects their Formatting.

An important step in designing your own Theme is settling on an appropriate Colour Scheme.  This was discussed in Microsoft PowerPoint – Theme Colours.

The next thing to consider is choosing the correct Fonts.


Microsoft PowerPoint – Theme Colours

The story so far…

In a recent blog – Microsoft PowerPoint – Templates and Themes – we explored the difference between these two concepts.  We found that a Template defines the layout and positioning of the objects on the various types of Slide in a presentation, whereas a Theme sets the formatting of those objects.

Furthermore, we discovered that a Theme allows you to change Colours, Fonts and Effects to create a corporate look or personalised style for your presentations.

This time we will concentrate on features to do with colour.


Microsoft PowerPoint – Templates and Themes

What is the Difference?

In Microsoft PowerPoint, it can be difficult to understand the relationship between a Template and a Theme.

Template files contain one or more Themes, but you can also save a Theme file separately.  Which is more important and how do they interact?

This is the first of a series of blogs in which we explore the use of these two features to create a personalised style or impose a corporate look to your presentations.

Two definitions may help:

A PowerPoint Template is a blueprint of a slide or group of slides that you save as a file.

A Document Theme is a set of formatting choices that are designed to coordinate well together, and give your presentations a designer-quality look.


Microsoft PowerPoint – Organisation Charts

Are they really that difficult?

Sue got in touch with me as she had been asked to create and maintain the “organograms” for the company she works for. It is a large multi-national organisation with plants all over the world, so the charts would be quite complex.

“I’ve no experience of using Microsoft PowerPoint and my colleagues are telling me that modifications to an existing chart are a nightmare”.

That didn’t match up with my experience of working with Organisation Charts in PowerPoint, so we arranged a session together to explore the possibilities.