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Microsoft Word – Getting Control

Who is in control here?

I did a workshop for three ladies from a local organisation.  They had inherited a set of Microsoft Word documents which detailed the procedures that their department had to follow.

The trouble was that they had little experience of the program.  Looking at the documents, it was clear to me that the person who created them didn’t know much about it either!

You see, if Microsoft Word documents are well designed, they are a dream to work with.  However, if they are badly put together, altering them can be a nightmare.  It seems as if the program is in control, not you.


Microsoft Word – Using Sections

Creating a longer document

I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft Word.  That could be because I’ve spent a lot of my working life creating the printed materials that accompany our training courses. These booklets tend to be about forty pages long (for a one-day course at least) and the attendees get to keep them afterwards.  They serve as both a guide during the course and a reference to use later.

They are a vital part of our offering and are universally well received.

Just as our training day is split into sessions of roughly ninety minutes, the course notes need to be split into chapters.  There are certain design features that I wanted incorporate to make each chapter look slightly different.  To achieve this efficiently needs an understanding of Sections.