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Microsoft Office 2016 – What’s New?

Are you an early adopter?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t rush into things.  I would never buy a brand new house.  Someone else can work through the “snagging list” and iron out the problems.  The same is true with software.  When an update to the operating system of my Smartphone arrives, I wait at least a fortnight before installing it.  That way, the inevitable glitches and problems that come with a new version will cause grief to other people, not me.

So that is why it is only now, several months after the release of Microsoft Office 2016, that I’m looking at its features.


Microsoft Excel – Evaluate Formula

What does this Spreadsheet Do?

Chris asked me to help him with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet the other day. It was a “Profit and Loss” calculator which had been created by someone else.  It didn’t quite to do what Chris wanted and he needed to know how it worked.

Now, the thing about complex spreadsheets is that the author tends to build it up piece by piece.  Working out what the whole thing does needs a good deal of detective work.  Chris was going to have to act like Sherlock Holmes (which I guess made me Joan Watson).

To start with, the Workbook appeared to have four Worksheets in it.  However, we soon found references to sheets that we couldn’t see.  That one wasn’t too tricky.  The author had hidden some of the sheets.  Right-clicking on any of the Sheet Tabs leads to a menu with an Unhide… choice.  There were actually eleven Worksheets in the file and we were able make them all visible in no time.


Microsoft Office – Things that make me mad!

It makes me mad!

I don’t know about you, but I get really irritated by those little things that change between the different versions of the programs that I use.  The things that ought to be the same.  The things where there is no logical reason for them to be different.

You get into the habit of performing tasks in a particular way.  So, because you are in that habit, you are working efficiently and quickly. Then you are presented with a new version – and you get tripped up by the inconsistencies.


Microsoft Excel – Absolute References

Different types of References

Ever inherited a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from someone, looked at the formulas and thought “what are all these dollar signs about?”.

Well, they are Excel’s way of defining what will happen to Cell References if you ever copy that formula to a different location.

In fact, there are three types of references available – Relative ReferencesAbsolute References and Mixed References.


Microsoft PowerPoint – Organisation Charts

Are they really that difficult?

Sue got in touch with me as she had been asked to create and maintain the “organograms” for the company she works for. It is a large multi-national organisation with plants all over the world, so the charts would be quite complex.

“I’ve no experience of using Microsoft PowerPoint and my colleagues are telling me that modifications to an existing chart are a nightmare”.

That didn’t match up with my experience of working with Organisation Charts in PowerPoint, so we arranged a session together to explore the possibilities.


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