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Time Management

How to drastically improve your time management, NOW!

One section of our time management course stands out to me as having the most impact, immediately, so I thought I would share it with you.
It’s called the URGENT – IMPORTANT matrix.
The theory is attributed to President Dwight D Eisenhower and became a mainstream business principle when it was quoted in Stephen Covey’s “The seven habits of highly effective people”. I genuinely believe it’s a simple theory to get your head around and start to implement immediately to make time management in your life more effective. (more…)

The Wrong Course

Getting it Right

We like to think of ourselves as a training company that cares about its attendees, so you can perhaps understand how passionate we are about making sure what we deliver matches what the delegate wants and needs.

I’m sure many of us have been sent on a course where the tutor has a thick manual of topics to deliver, and that’s what you’re going to get (whether you like it or not !). Not an ideal scenario.

So where does the responsibility lie for making sure the course content matches the attendee needs ?


Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

How is your Assertiveness and Self-Confidence?

We recently ran one of our assertiveness and self-confidence workshops at Base2 and it got me thinking about recurring themes that this program encounters.
Here are my top three tips to help you with any assertiveness and self-confidence challenges you may have.

  1. Take some time to consider what you are being asked
  2. Stop taking time to consider what you are being asked!
  3. Those around you also need to be in on it

Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail. (more…)