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Microsoft PowerPoint – Organisation Charts

Are they really that difficult?

Sue got in touch with me as she had been asked to create and maintain the “organograms” for the company she works for. It is a large multi-national organisation with plants all over the world, so the charts would be quite complex.

“I’ve no experience of using Microsoft PowerPoint and my colleagues are telling me that modifications to an existing chart are a nightmare”.

That didn’t match up with my experience of working with Organisation Charts in PowerPoint, so we arranged a session together to explore the possibilities.


Training is Boring!

Now that might sound like an odd statement to come from a training provider.
But sadly, in most cases, it’s true.

 Remember the time when learning and training meant someone standing at the front of the class, delivering their material, on their subject.  Lecturing you.  Yes, it was school.

And guess what?  As adults, we don’t like to be treated as though we are still at school.  We don’t want a school-teacher or lecturer and we don’t want to be talked at.  We just don’t learn well using those methods that we experienced at school.


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