Microsoft Access Developer

For users of Microsoft Access who are keen to enter into the world of database programming, this is the ideal course for you. Our Microsoft Access Developer training course will give you the skills to produce a database that can be used by people with no knowledge of Microsoft Access.

On this course you will be able to design and develop a simple relational database, work with the concepts of a database, tables, queries, forms and reports and be able to import and export data using other applications in Microsoft Office.

The course will give you hands on experience via structured exercises during the session and will give you the opportunity to practice the skills you have learned. This course is the ideal stepping stone towards our VBA programming in Microsoft Access course.
To get the most out of this course some experience of using and creating a database is recommended (including the topics covered in our Introduction and Intermediate Microsoft Access courses) and ideally you should be comfortable with the Microsoft Windows environment.

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Content

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  • Introduction
    • Basic Concepts
    • The Training Database Project.
  • Tables
    • Normalising the Data
    • Naming Conventions
    • Creating the Tables
    • Relationships between Tables
  • Forms
    • Using the Form Wizard
    • Setting Form Properties
    • Setting Control Properties
    • Importing Microsoft Excel data
    • Creating a Main Form/Sub Form
  • Creating a Menu System
    • Designing a Menu Form
    • Writing a Macro for the Menu
    • Returning to the Menu
    • The Start-up dialog box
  • Database Utilities
    • Compact and Repair
    • Database Splitter
    • Linked Table Manager
    • Converting a Database
  • Queries and Reports
    • Multi-Table Queries
    • Using the Report Wizard
    • Working in Design View
    • Adding Reports to the Menu
  • Macros
    • Basic Features
    • The AutoExec Macro
    • List of Actions
  • Modules
    • Some Definitions
    • List of Events
    • Creating a Function Procedure
  • Events
    • When Events Occur
    • List of Events
    • Creating an Event Procedure
  • Expressions
    • About Expressions
    • Generating Custom Codes
  • Dynamic Queries
    • Develop the Query
    • Link to a Main Form/Sub Form
    • Automate with simple Visual Basic code
  • Action Queries
    • Make Table Queries
    • Append Queries
    • Update Queries
    • Delete Queries
  • Final Steps
    • Calculations in Queries

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