Advanced Microsoft Project

Designed for users with good experience of working with Project or who wish to migrate from an older version of the application. Our Advanced Microsoft Project training course will give you the skills run multiple projects.
On this course you will be able to use the most complex functions and features of the application to manage multiple projects, you will be able to expertly customise your plan layout, work with more advanced codes and create and work with templates that will essentally speed up future projects.
The course will give you hands on experience via structured exercises during the session and will give you the opportunity to practice the skills you have learned.
To get the most out of this course experience with using a Project plan is recommended (including the topics covered in our other Microsoft Project courses) and ideally you should be comfortable with the Microsoft Windows environment.

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Content

Download Course Content PDF

  • All about Calendars
    • Base Calendars
    • Resource Calendars
    • Task Calendars
    • Scheduling a Group of Resources
    • How Calendars interact
  • All about Fields
    • Overview of Fields
    • Working with Custom Fields
    • Adding Fields to a Table
    • Using Fields in other Projects
  • Scheduling Tasks
    • Project Settings and Scheduling
    • Task Duration and Scheduling
    • Task Dependencies and Scheduling
    • Constraints and Scheduling
  • Scheduling Resources
    • What is Work
    • Making Resource Assignments
    • Editing Resource Assignments
    • Using Work Contours
    • Resource Availability
  • Material Resources
    • Defining Material Resources
    • Assigning Material Resources
    • Editing Assignments
  • All about Costing
    • Set Rates for Resources
    • Using the Accrue at setting
    • Varying Rates for Resources
    • Working Overtime
    • Using Material Resources
    • Using Cost Resources
    • Adding Fixed Costs
  • Tracking a Project
    • Baselines and Interim Plans
    • Saving a Baseline
    • Recording Progress
    • Monitoring Progress
    • Tracking Work
    • Reassigning Work
    • Rescheduling Work
    • Saving an Interim Plan
  • Earned Value Analysis
    • Earned Value Fields
    • EVA Settings
    • Using Physical Percentage Complete
  • Importing Task Information
    • Importing from Excel
    • Defining the Import Map
    • Importing the Data

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