Microsoft Project Rapid Learn

We all tend to work at a faster pace these days, however we are still expected to put time aside to learn how to operate our software in a manner that saves us time and effort. If you work alone or as part of a small business, taking time out can be difficult. Our Rapid Learn Microsoft Project training course is a fast way to help you develop the skills necessary to perform your daily tasks and can be accomplished over two separate half day sessions.

On this course you will quickly learn how to create and work on a basic project plan using a variety of tools. You will then refine your plan, track progress and be able to manage several projects at once.

The course will give you hands on experience via structured exercises during the session and will give you the opportunity to practice the skills you have learned. This course is the ideal stepping stone for our Advanced Microsoft Project course.
To get the most out of this course no previous knowledge of using Microsoft Project is required but ideally you should be comfortable with the Microsoft Windows environment.

Course Duration

2 x 1/2 Days

Course Content

Download Course Content PDF

  • Getting Started
    • Controlling Microsoft Project
    • Setting Options & Public Holidays
  • Project Management Concepts
    • Project Lifecycle
    • Outlining the Project
  • Starting a New Project
    • Entering and Outlining Tasks
    • Entering Durations
    • Saving a Project Plan
  • Scheduling a Plan
    • Scheduling with Dependencies
    • Using Date Constraints
    • Delaying / Overlapping Tasks
  • Customising Microsoft Project
    • Customising Bar/Text Styles
    • Customising Individual Entries
  • Printing Options
    • Printing a View
    • Using the Reports Gallery
  • Critical Path Analysis
    • Precedence Network
    • GANTT Chart Wizard
  • Working with Resources
    • Defining Resources
    • Assigning Resources to Tasks
    • Resolving Resource Conflicts
  • Using Standard Views
    • Changing to Different Views
    • Using Tables/Filters/Groups
  • Designing Views
    • Designing Views/Tables/Filters
    • Using the Organiser
  • Resource Conflicts
    • Tracking Down Conflicts
    • Resolving Conflicts
  • More About Scheduling
    • Calculating Work
    • Fixed Units or Fixed Duration
  • Costs
    • Using Material Resources
    • Using Cost Resources
    • Varying Rates over Time
    • Varying Rates over Tasks
    • Adding Fixed Costs to a Task
  • Monitoring the Plan
    • Saving a Baseline
    • Recording Progress on Schedule
    • Recording Progress Manually
    • Reviewing against the Baseline
  • Working with Multiple Projects
    • Consolidating Existing Projects
    • Using a Resource Pool
    • Cross Project Links

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