Microsoft Word Rapid Learn

We all tend to work at a faster pace these days, however we are still expected to put time aside to learn how to operate our software in a manner that saves us time and effort. If you work alone or as part of a small business, taking time out can be difficult. Our Rapid Learn Microsoft Word training course is a fast way to help you develop the skills necessary to perform your daily tasks and can be accomplished over two separate half day sessions.

On this course you will quickly become familiar with the functions that Microsoft Word has to offer. You will create and format a document and table, set up margins, copy, move and insert text, format paragraphs. You will then improve the layout of your documents, create templates to use for standard documents and effectively print your work.
The course uses structured hands-on exercises so you can practice the skills you have learned throughout all the sessions. This course is the ideal stepping stone for our Advanced Microsoft Word course.
To get the most out of this course no previous experience of using a word processing program is required but ideally you should be comfortable with the Microsoft Windows environment.

Course Duration

2 x 1/2 Days

Course Content

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  • Creating and Editing Documents
    • Simple Typing
    • Navigating around documents
    • Text Selection Techniques
  • Automatic Corrections
    • Automatic Spell Checking
    • The AutoCorrect Facility
    • AutoFormat as you Type
  • Formatting Characters
    • Font Ribbon Group / Dialog Box
    • Attributes (Bold, Italics, etc.)
    • Typeface and Type Sizes
  • Formatting Paragraphs
    • Paragraph Ribbon Group / Dialog Box
    • Alignment / Indenting
    • Displaying Special Marks
  • Introduction to Tables
    • Creating / Formatting Tables
    • Inserting Rows / Columns
    • Borders and Shading
  • Moving and Copying Text
    • Using Mouse or Ribbon Commands
    • The Paste Options Button
  • Controlling & Printing Documents
    • Page Setup:
    • Spacing Before and After
    • Inserting Page Breaks
    • Final Printing
  • Using Tab Stops
    • Setting Tab Stops
    • Moving / Removing Tab Stops
  • Sections and Page Setup
    • Splitting a document into Sections
    • Setting Margins / Orientation / Paper Size
    • Spacing Before and After
  • Using Headers and Footers
    • Setting up Headers / Footers
    • Header & Footer Tools
    • Formatting Page Numbers
  • Paragraph Styles
    • Creating Styles
    • Applying and Revising Styles
  • AutoText
    • Creating AutoText Entries
    • AutoText as Standard Paragraphs
  • Templates
    • Creating a new Template
    • Using a Template
  • Searching for Text
    • Using Find and Replace
    • Moving to defined Bookmarks
  • Spelling & Grammar
    • Manual Spell Checking
    • Checking Grammar
    • Using Thesaurus

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