Personal Productivity

Personal productivity can be learnt and improved by anyone, which is fabulous. The flip-side of course is that there’s no magic pixie dust to make you highly productive, it’s something that needs to be worked at.

To become highly productive means you have to develop effective processes and workflows which are then constantly evaluated against what works for you and where it can be improved. 

This workshop will show participants how to organize their lives and find those hidden moments. Participants will learn how to establish routines, set goals, create an efficient environment, and use effective planning and organizational tools to maximize their personal productivity.

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Content

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  • Getting Started
    • Icebreaker
    • Ground rules
    • The parking lot
    • Workshop objectives
    • Action plans and evaluation forms
  • Setting Goals
    • Setting SMART Goals
    • Creating Good Habits
    • Evaluating and Adapting
  • The Power of Routines
    • The Importance of Routines
    • Personal and Professional Routines
    • Six Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life
  • Scheduling Yourself
    • Developing a Tracking System
    • Scheduling Appointments
    • Scheduling Tasks
    • The Simple Secret of Successful Time Management
  • Keeping Yourself on Top of Tasks
    • The One-Minute Rule
    • The Five-Minute Rule
    • What to Do When You Feel Like You’re Sinking
  • Tackling New Tasks and Projects
    • The Sliding Scale
    • A Checklist for Getting Started
    • Re-Evaluating and Adapting
  • Using Project Management Techniques
    • Understanding the Triple Scope
    • Creating a Timeline
    • Using a RACI Chart
  • Creating a Workspace
    • Choosing a Physical Layout
    • Ergonomics 101
    • Using Your Computer Efficiently
  • Organizing Files and Folders
    • Organizing Physical Files
    • Organizing Electronic Files
    • Scheduling Archiving and Clean-Up
  • Managing E-Mail
    • Using E-mail Time Wisely
    • Folders and Rules
    • Making Use of Your E-mail Program
    • Resisting the Lure of the Blackberry®
  • Beating Procrastination
    • Admitting the Problem
    • Making it Manageable
    • Identifying the Reasons
    • Adapting Your Long-Term Strategy
  • Wrapping Up
    • Words from the Wise
    • Review of Parking Lot
    • Lessons Learned
    • Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

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