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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is the database program from the Microsoft Office range. It is used to organise large quantities of data and collate reports or present information on the screen.

At the heart of this are the Tables. These are containers which are used to store the data input into the database. The Microsoft Access program is a “Relational Database”. Information about different subjects is kept in separate Tables and Links (Relationships) are established to tie that data together.

Much of the power of Microsoft Access comes from the use of Queries. These are routines which extract information from the Tables based on the criteria the user specifies. This information can then be presented on the screen (using Forms) or on paper (using Reports).

To add automation into a database the user can create Macros. These are essentially groups of actions which could be performed manually, but are run together as a unit. By learning the programming language Visual Basic for Applications, database developers can build Modules which take their system to the next level.

Base2 offer five levels of Microsoft Access training courses. Those of you who are new to database creation should look at our Introduction to Microsoft Access and Intermediate Microsoft Access courses. If time is against you, we also offer a Rapid Learn fast-track option to accelerate your learning of this database application.

If you are keen to develop database applications using Microsoft Access or would like to enter the world of database programming, we offer our Microsoft Access Developer and VBA Programming in Microsoft Access courses.

Our range of Microsoft Access courses includes,

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