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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application which is part of the Microsoft Office family. It can be used on many platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and tablet & smart-phone systems such as Apple iOS.

The program uses a collection of cells arranged into rows and columns to organize and manipulate data.

For those wishing to use its arithmetical capabilities, simple Formulas can be created. A huge library of over 300 Functions is provided to help with every day calculations. Some of these will be helpful to most users. Other more specialised examples will be useful to (say) Accountants, Statisticians or Engineers.

There are many features built into Microsoft Excel to handle large Lists of data. These can be sorted and filtered to concentrate on the information important to you. Pivot Tables can provide a more in-depth analysis and extract real Businesses Intelligence from your data.

To display information in a more visual way, the program provides several different types of Charts. Trends and anomalies in the data are much easier to spot when presented in a graphical way – “A picture tells a thousand words

Macros provide automation, allowing you to record the steps needed to carry out a procedure. When that task needs to be repeated at a later date, these steps can be replayed automatically. This saves time, effort and ensures consistency.

We are able to offer a full range of Microsoft Excel training courses whatever your experience and intended product use. Starting with Introduction to Microsoft Excel for absolute beginners we then move on to Intermediate Microsoft Excel for those with some spreadsheet experience. Our standard courses also include Advanced Microsoft Excel for users looking at an in depth use of this powerful spreadsheet application. We even have a Rapid Learn option for those of you who need to master the application really quickly. If programming and application development are what you need, take a look at our VBA Programming for Microsoft Excel course which will provide you with a solid basis to start developing more detailed automated functions within your spreadsheets.

Our range of Microsoft Excel courses includes,

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