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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of pages or “Slides” which can be printed, displayed on a computer screen or navigated through under the control of the user. When showing to a larger audience, a data projector is often used. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.

Slides can contain text, graphics, sound, movies and other multi-media objects which can be arranged freely. By using animation features the user can create a lively and interesting show for the viewers.

Transitions are used to move from one slide to the next. Within a slide, effects are provided for the entrance of an object, to emphasise it, move it around the slide and finally exit the slide. All these actions can be animated in a variety of ways.

Slide Masters allow a user to create a consistent look and feel both within a presentation and between different presentations. These Masters define the layout and colour schemes for slides of different types.

Our two Microsoft PowerPoint training courses (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint and Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint) will take you from absolute novice with little or no experience of creating slide-shows right through to a designer of highly professional, polished presentations.

Our range of Microsoft PowerPoint courses includes,

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