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Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is designed to help a project manager in developing project plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analysing workloads.

The program allows the project manager to layout their plan in a structured way, often using a Gantt chart. Each task in the plan is given an estimated duration, and they are linked together to create a Schedule. This done by analysing which tasks can’t start until a previous task has finished.
Next the project manager can assign the necessary Resources to carry out each Task. By giving each resource a Cost, the program can calculate the cost of the entire project.

Once execution of the project has begun, regular status reports can be fed into the program. This allows monitoring of the progress of each task against the original plan. Many Views and Reports can be used to highlight problems such as overruns on budget or timescale.

For those responsible for several concurrent projects, the program can create a consolidated view of these plans. A pool of Resources can then be shared between projects.

Base2 offer four levels of Microsoft Project training course. Our Introduction to Microsoft Project and Intermediate Microsoft Project courses cater for users with limited or no knowledge of how to use a project management application. Rapid Learn covers the same material as these two courses but is delivered in a fast-track, shorter time-frame. We also offer an Advanced Microsoft Project course for experienced users of this application who want to push on to a higher level of knowledge and use.

Our range of Microsoft Project courses includes,

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