When you are deciding which type of training course to go for, should you pick Scheduled or Dedicated?  What is the difference?

Scheduled or Dedicated – Scheduled Courses

These are “Open” courses which run on a regular basis (usually monthly).  Attendees from any organisation are welcome.  There is no minimum number of attendees required, so if you only have one person in need of training at the moment, this could be the perfect solution.

Our Tutors use their years of experience (decades in some cases!) to ensure that everyone gets the maximum benefit out of the event.  Class size in kept small – typically up to six – so people can get a fair “slice” of the Tutor’s attention.

Although there is a basic syllabus set out, a short session at the start of each day aims to discover what the students “Need to Know“.  That way the learning can be tailored to the actual needs of the class, rather than sticking to a rigid inflexible plan.

The published scheduled is updated regularly to offer dates for the next four months. [Click here for the latest version].  Care is taken to vary the rota.  A particular course which is planned near the end of one month, may be listed in the middle of the next.  A subject offered on a Monday last month could run on Thursday this month.

Scheduled or Dedicated – Dedicated Courses

Organisation with a more specific requirement might prefer a Dedicated course.  This “Closed” event could be attended by a group of your staff wanting to learn the same skills, or an individual with a particular need.

Run on a date to suit you, this type of course can be held at your premises or at our Training Centre.

Another benefit here is the chance to create bespoke course content.  By choosing topics from different levels (Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced) you can really mould the day to your wishes.

The needs of the individual attendees are still catered for however. Input and participation by the students shape the learning experience.

Note also that the range of subjects available for Dedicated courses goes way beyond those offered on the monthly schedule.

Scheduled or Dedicated – You Choose

If you want to discuss organising Scheduled or Dedicated training with us – contact info@base2.co.uk