Now that might sound like an odd statement to come from a training provider.
But sadly, in most cases, it’s true.

 Remember the time when learning and training meant someone standing at the front of the class, delivering their material, on their subject.  Lecturing you.  Yes, it was school.

And guess what?  As adults, we don’t like to be treated as though we are still at school.  We don’t want a school-teacher or lecturer and we don’t want to be talked at.  We just don’t learn well using those methods that we experienced at school.

But there’s good news.

It doesn’t need to be like that.
Training and learning can be delivered “student centred”.  Hey, there’s even a Wikipedia entry for that!

Good effective adult learning should be about getting the students involved.

There should be a high degree of understanding what the students really want to achieve from the learning (Students do know what they want to achieve – right? Perhaps we leave that for another blog topic).

And when we understand what the students want to achieve, the learning is delivered in a participative way. It’s not all about preaching and note taking. It’s about posing challenges and problems and getting the students to try to solve them.

3 Part Process

At Base2 we use a three part process, and whilst there are lots of ways of doing this, this is our preferred method.

  1. Deliver some content. The material.
  2. Use a participative exercise to get the students to apply the material.
  3. Check that they have REALLY understood what they have done.

It’s not rocket science, but it is an effective way of delivering learning.

Learning that is effective, but also learning that is enjoyable and fun.

Remember those school days again. Was learning fun then?
Probably not, but the great news is that now it can be.

Training really does NOT have to be boring.

We’d love to hear about your learning experiences,
boring or otherwise.

Tell us what you think.