Training PLUS

What is it?

I’m often asked about our Training PLUS service.  What is it?  What is it for?

It can be summed up by the following sentence – “We don’t forget about you once you walk out of the Training Room

We will contact every attendee One Month, Three Months and Six Months after their course to make sure everything is going OK.

But in addition, they can contact us any time they want.

How many times have you come away from a training course and thought, “I wish I had asked that”? – With Training PLUS you can!

Suppose, a few weeks down the line, you hit a problem that you can’t get around.  Just get in touch and we will help you find a solution (or sometimes help you prove that there isn’t a solution!)

How much does it cost?

Not a thing, not a damn thing” – Penny  Big Bang Theory – Series 3  Episode 11

That is right Training PLUS is completely free.  It is included in your course fee.

Providing we can solve it in about fifteen minutes we will do it for nothing.
(Don’t tell the boss, but I’m not too strict about the “15 minute rule”!)

Of course if it turns out that the problem will take four hours to solve, then I’m going to ask you for a Purchase Order.
But that is only reasonable isn’t it?

What do you get asked?

Here a some recent questions:

    • Microsoft Outlook – How to change View Settings so that new folders always open the way I want them to look
    • Microsoft Word – I can’t remember how to repeat header rows in a Table and still force page breaks where necessary
    • Microsoft Excel – In this Pivot Table, I would like to show the data as a percentage of the row total, however I can’t get the totals to calculate properly
    • Opening Files – When I choose File-Open the Documents Library comes up but is empty – how do I set this up to show the folders I saw in the old system?

Without a doubt, my favourite was someone who downloaded an Excel spreadsheet of transactions from her bank.
In the the downloaded version, the dates of all the transactions were wrong by four years and one day!
That was fun to figure out (and probably a good topic for another blog).

We found a solution to each and every one of these problems (and dozens more beside).

Training PLUS is there for you – It is all part of the service – USE IT!