I know what you’re thinking. How can you train someone to deliver a course in a subject you have absolutely no expertise in ?

Therein lies the difference.

Whilst we cannot (and should not) pretend to be specialists in the subject you need to deliver training in, we can show you some fantastic ways of engaging with your attendees whilst delivering focused highly effective training.

Perhaps an example may make this clearer.
We were approached recently by a client who had used us for many years to deliver IT training and People Development. They are a local manufacturing company.
They were implementing a company-wide quality control process in their organisation and needed to assess all of their shop-floor operatives to make sure they were performing to at least a minimum standard. If they didn’t meet the required standard, then some ‘on the job’ training would be delivered to help them improve their skills.
Who best to deliver the assessments and training ? Certainly not an external company who had no exposure to their manufacturing process ! The best, most qualified, people to deliver the program were their own senior operatives.

    • Problem. This group of operatives had never delivered training before.
      The last time they had experienced training was as students in college, good old-fashioned lecturing
      (see Training is Boring blog).
    • Solution. We created and delivered a Train the Trainer workshop specifically aimed at their quality improvement program, focussed on their actual environment.
      Lots of the delivery and engagement techniques are universal, they just need to be directed at this specific need.
    • Result. A highly capable, motivated set of trainers who know the material they have to deliver inside out but now, in addition to that, have the confidence to engage with their students and deliver stimulating, challenging, exciting learning.

So often, whatever your training needs are, it’s likely that your own team are the perfect choice to deliver exciting training within your organisation. They just need pointing in the right direction on a Train the Trainer course.

Thanks for reading and please let us know if you want to explore this any further.